Thursday, February 4, 2016

Discover the extraordinary boat of Ancient Egypt

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Discover the extraordinary boat of Ancient Egypt
The boat dates from the third or the beginning of the Fourth Dynasty, 2,550 years before Christ. A team of archaeologists from the Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic) has found about 12 meters deep, a wooden boat in the site of South Abusir, one of the cemeteries of officials from the time of the pyramids. The ship in question is 18 meters long and about 4,500 years old.

According to experts, length, orientation and pottery has been found inside reveals that the ship dates from the end of the third or beginning of the Fourth Dynasty, 2,550 years before Christ, which is a rare find in the study of ancient Egyptian ships.

The desert sand has been crucial to keep the wooden planks and wooden pegs that bound; in fact, until the ropes that bound the ship are in their original position and fully intact with all its details. Something extraordinary when you consider that these old wooden planks can not be less than 4,500 years. Because most of the ships of ancient Egypt that remain are either poorly maintained or disassembled for parts, this finding represents a new challenge for the study of the construction techniques and structure thereof.

The ship, located south of a mastaba (funerary building / Tomb of Ancient Egypt) 52 by 23 meters, is one of the few examples of boats buried beside mastabas which have survived because, as usual has been found empty wells filled with sand. The only ones who remain are the two ships of Cheops (second pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom of Egypt) buried in a pit at the foot of the Great Pyramid of Giza, the oldest of the seven wonders of the ancient world.