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10 historical curiosities of toilet paper

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10 historical curiosities of toilet paper
1. Elena Sanz
lettuce, rags, furs, grass, leaves, coconut or corn: toilet-paper-story 1. Before the invention of toilet paper used different materials. The ancient Greeks aseaban with pieces of clay and stones, while the Romans were served sponge tied to a stick and soaked in salt water. For its part, the Inuit chose moss in summer and snow in winter, and for the people of coastal areas the solution came from the shells and algae.

2. The first to create and use toilet paper were the Chinese, who in the second century BC and they designed a paper whose main use was the intimate toilet. Several centuries later (back in the sixteenth century), Chinese paper sheets notable for its large size (half a meter wide and 90 centimeters high). Surely these blades were in line with the hierarchical position of its users: the emperors themselves and their courtiers.

3. Personal hygiene classes were well defined. The ancient Romans used the wealthy classes wool well soaked in rose water, while the French royalty used no less than lace and silk. The hemp leaf was the most international of the materials used by the rich and powerful.

4. Joseph C. Gayetty was the first to commercialize the toilet paper back in 1857. The product consisted primeval sheets of paper moistened with aloe, called "medical role of Gayetty" a real treat for the more hedonistic. The new product, prohibitive price, marketed under a visionary slogan: "the greatest need of our era, the role of Gayetty medicinal bath".

5. In 1880 the brothers Edward and Clarence Scott begin to market the rolled paper we know today. A debut full of obstacles given the many taboos surrounding the new product. By the time it was considered immoral and pernicious role in shops were exposed to public view in general.

6. But the role of the origins was not soft and absorbent product today. In 1935 an improved under the claim of "free paper chips" toilet paper is thrown. This makes us conclude that the usual time was that the toilet paper will feature some other impurity.

7. The importance of toilet paper nowadays is unquestionable witness of this is the recognition received by Kimberly-Clark in 1944 by the Government of the United States. The reason for such recognition was (quote verbatim)? His heroic efforts in providing soldiers during World War II ?.

8. This became strategic importance in Operation Desert Storm in the Gulf War. Green US tanks too contrasted with the white sands of the desert and had no time to paint vehicles. We chose to wrap the tank in toilet paper as camouflage technique last minute.

9. From a reviled and sold discreetly in the back room product, toilet paper has become the protagonist of fashion shows, art and delicate work of origami. Renowned artists as Christo, Yuken Teruya Anastassia Elias or toilet paper used as material for their work. In the field of fashion, the event is celebrated Cheap Chic Weddings Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest, which gathers in the United States to the most original bridal dresses made of toilet paper.

10. The toilet paper as we know it today has experienced great development over the nearly 140 years that have elapsed since its invention. A double layer paper (built in 1942) leading technologies that provide greater softness and absorbency (as UCTAD, developed and patented by Kimberly-Clark) are added. The latest product innovation involves incorporating butter lotion, a natural fruit with recognized cosmetic properties.

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